6/17 - 7/12 - Dream with A Team Summer Program

The Dreams Never Die Foundation would like to put on a summer academy. The program will be call “Dream with a Team”. 

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Location: Jesse M Bethel High School 

Who: 3rd-12th graders of the city of Vallejo 

Time: 8:30am-3pm 

When: June 17-July 12th, 2019 

Shirts: Elementary- yellow 
Middle School-Green 
High School- Red

Transportation: () leaving blank so we can talk about It. 

Budget: 17,280 we should raise about 25k 

Students: will pay 3$ to join the Program 

There are 2 different schedules that we will be using for the summer. Monday/Wednesday schedule will be the same. 
Tuesday/Thursday schedule will be the same. 

Breakfast 830-8:55am
Period 1 9-9:45
Period 2 9:50-10:35
Period 3 10:40-11:25
Lunch 11:25-12:15pm
Period 4 12:20-1:05
Period 5 1:10-1:55
Period 6 2:00-2:45pm

Breakfast 8:30-8:55am
Period 1 9-10:10
Period 2 10:15-11:25
Lunch 11:25-12:15pm
Period 3 12:20-1:30
Period 4 1:35-2:45pm

The goal is on Monday and Wednesday make our 45 min classes fast pace and fun. With 45 min classes we can keep kids engage give them a small glimpse of some educational aspects to what the Dream Team is teaching. 

The goal Tuesday and Thursday our classes are 1 hour and 10 mins. There will be some type of educational aspect on these days from the respective teacher of that grade who is teaching the class. However, it’s also for the other programs of the Dream Team such as cooking Painting Tech etc…. so our kids will have the maximum effort every day in all aspects we are providing for our youth. 

The goal is to build character and empower our youth with different resources for them to be successful outside of Athletics and entertainment. This also give our youth and their parents the opportunity to see how our facility will be run with the technology, education and athletics in 2020/2021. 

The A schedule Monday/Wednesday 
Is more fast pace learning and a lot more fun. 

The B schedule is more educational days with 2 extracurricular activities to make learning fun. 

During the duration of this 4-week program we will have 3 Field Trips on Friday’s for all 3 groups 
Elementary- Exploratorium 
Middle school- Twitch/Youtube 
High school- LinkedIn 

Break down: 124 students total with a 25-student waiting list 
38 elementary students 
38 middle school students 
48 high school students 
Elementary Students 
10 3rd graders 
10 4th graders 
18 5th graders 
Middle School Students 
10 6th graders 
10 7th graders 
18 8th graders 
High School Students 
12 9th graders 
12 10th graders 
12 11th graders 
12 12th graders 

This is the breakdown to how the students will be. The goal is to be effective and efficient in teaching our students to reach their full potential. 

The students will max out per class 
20 3rd&4th graders mix 
18 5th graders 

20 6th&7th graders mix 
18 8th graders 

24 9th&10th graders mix 
24 11&12 graders mix 

The teachers 
Teachers will be hand pick by DND board to make sure our kids are getting the best educators our city can provide. 
Elementary teachers 3 
Middle school teachers 3 
High school teachers 2
Total of 8 teachers 

These 8 teachers will be paid at the rate of 18$ an hour and at least 200$ in school supplies for the upcoming school year. 

The Dream Team.

The Dream Team consist of all the companies or influencers that is a part of DND or wants to be a part of the summer program. 


UC Berkeley 
Cal State East Bay 
Cal Maritime 

Chefsbynature T-will
Micheal Woods 
Chef Jordan 
Chef Claudia 

Carling Jackson Paint Brush Artist 
Blake Jamison Spray Paint Artist 

Gary Vee
Dave Meltzer 
Bryan Leach 
William Weinbach 
Keith Krach 

Sling Studio 

This Dream Team consist of many entities gives our youth and parents the opportunity to see what our facility will look like in 2020/2021. When we add the athletic portion, it will be fully understandable and hit full circle. 

Please help our Dreamers today reach their full potential and start a new unrevealing world towards their dreams. 

6/21 - Exploratorium Field Trip

More Details to Come.

7/12 - LinkedIn Field Trip

More Details to Come.

7/19 - Google Field Trip

More Details to Come.


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Our Last Event

We had a great turnout at our Summer 2017 Camp. Check out photos for yourself! If you have any questions or would like to donate, feel free to head over to the contact page to reach out to CJ and the team.